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Which is your favourite colour?

If you are sober elegance and prefer a dark tones like chocolate or vengué. If yours is a subtle elegance and you are more in the line of broken whites. If what you are looking for is mote than basic colours, these arabesques in mauves and silvers which responds to this electric style which combines the baroque with the minimalism. If you want to find it: Manuel Revert – Upholstery and Decoration.

To seat and to feel

Fabrics to see, to touch, to feel, to seat on. Galley presents fabrics to be intensely leaved. Not only do they contribute to an aesthetic superiority but the Gallery fabrics exceed the most common quality criteria. One of the technologies which is used in our fabrics is Stainstop, a technology which avoids stains because the fabrics do not absorb the liquids. Gallery permits us to seat and feel much better.

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