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Tell me your colour and I’ll tell you
Manuel Revert

Whether you are of sober elegance and prefer dark plain colours like chocolate or wenge, or if the elegance that defines you is more subtle and you opt for natural tones, as if what you are after are the bright and vivid colours in textures and ornamental designs and your style combines baroque with minimalism. With Manuel Revert you will be right.

Sit and live

Fabrics to be seen, touched, felt, lived. Gallery presents fabrics to be intensely lived. Not only do they provide great aesthetics, but also Gallery fabrics meet the needs of our most demanding clients. One of the technologies that our fabrics incorporate is Stain Stop & Clean, a finish that eases cleaning, since the stains remain on the surface of the fibres, being simply removed with little water.

Let us make your life easier. With Gallery you’ll be able to sit and live.

Stain Stop & Clean Stain Stop & Clean
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