Within the strategy we are following, our products are based on innovation, variety, quality and service. The number of products that make up the company’s total catalog is very large, exceeding 3,000 references, producing increasingly smaller batches. Investments in machinery renovation, development of new products and designs are continuous. We operate in a market with great competition, so now it became more necessary to organize and make production, storage and shipment as flexible as possible.


The investment made is motivated by the need to manufacture upholstery that differentiate us from other manufacturers around the world, and the obligation to provide a better and faster service. Specifically, we can manufacture double warp fabrics with special densities and unusual threads, improve packaging to be able to send the products that come out of the machine directly to our customers, and we have invested in our warehouse to improve the storage and handling of our fabrics to be able to serve our customers better and faster.

In terms of fabrics, we have developed new collections in which the leading role are recycled materials and special finishes such as Covid free.


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